D Clinic’s Approach to Varicose Vein Problems

D Clinic’s Approach to Varicose Vein Problems

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D Clinic’s Approach to Varicose Vein Problems


Although many people have varicose vein problems, most individuals will avoid or postpone treatment due to the lengthy duration of post-treatment hospitalization and the heavy burden of treatment-related anesthesia and procedures. In 2000, we became the first clinic to provide radical treatment (stripping treatment) as a day surgery, eliminating the typical one-week post-treatment hospitalization. Since then, more and more patients who suffered from varicose vein have been approaching us for our treatments.

When we first started providing our day surgery for varicose veins, endvenous laser treatment already existed. However, the procedure was far from optimal. Post-treatment complications frequently arose, which made it possible to exceed the cost of stripping treatment covered by insurance, therefore, we postponed the introduction of the endvenous laser treatment.

Since 2005, when endvenous laser machines were first permitted to operate in Japan, D Clinic has been the earliest adopter and researcher of endvenous laser treatment. However, when we first established the new treatment, the number of cases in Japan was insufficient for evaluation. Therefore, we actively researched and verified documentation of treatment results from numerous medical societies. Results were much better than what we expected, showing promising curative effects.

In 2007, at the International Vein Society, we compared results of radical, stripping treatment and endvenous laser treatment. Based on this research, we proposed that there were possibilities of endvenous laser treatment replacing the more radical, stripping treatment. In 2008, the Japanese Vein Society announced endvenous laser treatment results of more serious cases of varicose vein, indicating that even these cases can be cured by laser treatment.

Meanwhile, in Western countries, endvenous laser treatment had become widespread. Although evidence of treatment efficiency had not been disclosed in Japan, our research showed that endvenous laser treatment could be adequately functional for varicose vein. Furthermore, in 2010, as requested by the chairman of Japanese Vein Society, we presented our research which examined the different treatment outcomes between a large variety of laser wavelengths. Our research concluded that 2000nm wavelength was the most effective. From that time onward, we have provided laser treatment using this specification.

The healthcare industry has now become flooded with specialty medical institutions that provide varicose vein day treatment as its popularity and adoption grew. In addition, since the 980nm wavelength laser treatment became covered by insurance, the environment has improved drastically for people who hesitated to request the treatment due to high cost.

Now at last, there is a plurality of choices for varicose vein treatment, and there is a variety of laser machines used to administer the treatment. Safe and convenient treatments can be ensured with proper consultation. It is a great time for patients who desire varicose vein treatment to receive more information about the variety of treatments, and to figure out which one suits them best. Because specialized medical treatment of varicose vein has increased rapidly, there have been many misleading comments made on the internet about them. One should be mindful of such comments and seek out professional advice about such treatments themselves.

D clinic helped pioneer the radical day treatment of varicose vein in Japan. To date, we have administered such treatment to more than 20000 limbs. Based on highly positive results, we have been active evangelists of endvenous laser treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about our high quality treatment of varicose vein.

History of Laser Treatment of D Clinic

Oct. 2000. The opening of D clinic. Start of varicose vein radical day treatment.
May, 2005. Start of varicose vein endvenous laser (1320nm) treatment.
Establishment of varicose vein laser treatment center.
Jun, 2007. Presented our findings of comparable results between endvenous laser treatment and stripping treatment at the International Vein Society.
Jun, 2008. Presented our research of successful endvenous laser treatment on severe cases of varicose vein at the Japan Vein Society.
2008. Started treatment using the best specification for laser machines (wavelength 2000nm).
Jun, 2010. Presented our research of 2000nm laser machines’ superiority in treatment outcome and satisfaction compared to other laser machines.
Dec, 2010. Introduction of 980nm laser treatment covered by insurance.
Jul, 2014. Introduction of 1470nm laser treatment covered by insurance.
Oct, 2014. Introduction of radio frequency treatment machine.

※Routinely, we introduce cutting-edge treatment machines.

Subjects of Speech at Vein Society

Jun, 2007. International Vein Society
“Investigation of Treatment Outcomes after Varicose Vein Endvenous Treatment”
Jun, 2008. Japanese Vein Society
“Treatment outcomes of Endvenous Laser Therapy for Severe Varicose Vein with Cutaneous Lesions”
Jun, 2010. Japanese Vein Society
“Evaluation of Endvenous Treatment for Severe Varicose Vein.”
May, 2012. Japanese Vascular Surgery Society
“Devise of Radical Treatment for Varicose Vein Day Treatment”